Kyrgyzstan: where the mountains touch the sky

Promotional poster with a photo of a lake in the mountains

On October 7, 2021 at 5.00 p.m. at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Faculty of Sciences and Natural Sciences (building G), a meeting will be held in auditorium B1 Polish Geographical Society, Kielce section and the Department, during which the lecture will of Damian Wojciechowski TJ - Jesuit, journalist and director take place:

Kyrgyzstan: where the mountains touch the sky


All welcome!

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FLAG 2021 - Moscow

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On September 20-21st, 2021 in Moscow (Russia) took place an international conference „Fluvial Archives Group Biennial Meeting 2021”. During the conference the following presentations were announced by the Department epmloyees and students:

Ilona Tomczyk-Wydrych, Anna Świecz
Bottom sediments as an archive of anthropopressure – case study
(Kielce Upland, Poland)

- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra, Karolina Fularczyk,
Geoffrey Houbrechts

Macro- and microscopic slags as a marker of the metallurgical activity
in the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

- presentation

Paweł Przepióra, Tomasz Kalicki, Michał Aksamit,
Paulina Aksamit
Karolina Fularczyk, Piotr Kusztal,
Geoffrey Houbrechts

An macro- and microslags delta deposition of postindustrial water reservoir
in Sielpia (Holy Cross Mts., Poland)

- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra, Marcin Frączek, Karolina Fularczyk, Krzysztof Żurek, Grzegorz Pabian, Łukasz Podrzycki
Geological structure of Świślina River valley near Doły Biskupie
(Holy Cross Mountains region, Poland)

- presentation

Paweł Rutkiewicz, Ireneusz Malik, Tomasz Kalicki
Large-scale production of charcoal for the historical metallurgy in the Mała Panew River basin (Silesian Lowland, Central Europe)
- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Piotr Kusztal
Macromeanders in Central Europe: A case study from the Holy Cross Mountains region (Poland)
- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Sławomir Chwałek
Phases of alluviation and colluviation in the Ezousas River valley (SW Cyprus)
- presentation

Krzysztof Żurek, Tomasz Kalicki
The Brzozówka river valley development based on palaeogeographic and geographical methods
- presentation

Marcin Frączek, Tomasz Kalicki
Reflection of climate changes in selected river valleys of NE Poland
and W Belarus

- presentation

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Glacial and periglacial of Central Europe 2021 - Lublin

Ice blocks on the coast

On September 9-10th, 2021 an Interdisciplinary Scientific Seminar took place in Lublin (Poland) „Glacial and periglacial of Central Europe”. During the conference the following posters were announced by the Department epmloyees and students:

Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra, Edyta Kłusakiewicz, Marcin Fr±czek,
Łukasz Podrzycki,
Karolina Fularczyk, Grzegorz Pabian, Krzysztof Żurek
Budowa doliny ¦wi¶liny na stanowisku w Dołach Biskupich (woj. ¶więtokrzyskie) - wstępne wyniki
- poster

Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra, Marcin Fr±czek, Łukasz Podrzycki
Zróżnicowanie i wiek osadów wzgórz kemowych w okolicy Suchedniowa
(Wyżyna Kielecka) - pierwsze wyniki

- poster

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Podlasie fortresses in the swamps -
Interview in Archeologia Żywa

Logo Kontekst, Podlasie fortresses in the swamps, an interpretation of embankments in the background

In July 1, 2021 at the 8.00 PM the Archeologia Żywa will perform interview entitled:

Podlasie fortresses in the swamps – webinar KONTEKST

Interview in Facebook

The guests of the interview will be:
Aleksander Piasecki, Adam Wawrusiewicz, Krzysztof Żurek

We invite you to watch!

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