Public defense of the MSc Piotr Kusztal doctoral dissertation

Piotr Kusztal

On September 22, 2022 in the Institute of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, a public defense of the MSc Piotr Kusztal doctoral dissertation took place:

Ewolucja doliny Czarnej Koneckiej między Stąporkowem a Sielpią Wielką w późnym vistulianie i holocenie

Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki Prof. UJK

Dr hab. Anna Michno Prof. UJ
Dr hab. Krzysztof Wójcicki

The defense of the doctoral dissertation ended with the the Department PhD student success. Congratulations for the new Doctor!

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CG 2022 - Coimbra

CG 2022 Logo

On September 12-16, 2022 in Coimbra (Portugal) took place an The 10th International Conference of the International Association of Geomorphologists. During the conference the following presentations were announced by the Department employees and PhD students:

Geoffrey Houbrechts, Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra, Bastiaan Notebaert, François Petit
Microslag as a stratigraphic tracer to quantify floodplain processes during the last centuries
- presentation

Marcin Frączek, Tomasz Kalicki, Adam Wawrusiewicz
The environmental context of Subneolithis settlement of Nieman Culture in Podlasie region (NE Poland)
- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Krzysztof Żurek
Lusatian circles on wetlands in NE Poland - results of geoarchaeological research
- presentation

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Dolina Świśliny - exhibition of geoeducational boards at PIG

Lecturer explaining the board to the participants of the exhibition

On July 5 2022, at the Kielce branch of the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute an exhibition of geo-educational copies boards promoting the path and the guide Œwiślina Valley was opened. The exhibition will be available in the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute, Jan Czarnocki Świętokrzyskie Branch in Kielce at Zgoda 21 st.

We invite you to visit the exhibition!

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Field exercises with high school students - Nida 2022

PhD student explaining to students in the field the issues of geomorphology at the geological profile

On June 3, 2022 in Nida, firldworks in geomorphology and meteorology took place with students of class 1C VI Liceum Ogólnokształcšce im. Juliusz Słowacki in Kielce. The workshops were prepared and conducted by the employees of the Department (Tomasz Kalicki, Paweł Przepióra) and PhD student
(Piotr Biesaga). The students learned about the forms of the terrain, prepared and analyzed the geological profile and examined the weather parameters.


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V PhD Students Forum UJK - 2022

Speaking in a conference room

On 2-3 June 2022, in the Colegium Medicum of the Jan Kochanowski University took place an V PhD Students Forum during which the following presentations were announced by the Department PhD students:

Piotr Biesaga
Evolution of the bottom of the Nida river valley in the Late Glacial and Helocene
- presentation

Krzysztof Żurek
"Three circles in peat" - the lastest results onman-environment relations from the Bronze Age/early Iron Age at Kosciuki site (NE Poland)”
- presentation

Ilona Tomczyk-Wydrych
Geochemistry of waters, bottom sediments and macrophytes of selected reservoirs in the Kielce Upland as an effect of natural and anthropogenic factors
- presentation

Karolina Fularczyk
Changes of the hydrographic confluence in Sielpia from the beginning
of the 19th c. (Old-Polish Industrial District)

- presentation

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