17. KEA(CEA) 2023 - Brno

Organizatorzy konferencji w trakcie otwarcia

In January 26-28, 2023, an international conference took place in Brno (Czech Republic) KEA (CEA): 17th Conference of Environmental Archaeology, during which the following presentations and posters were announced by the Department epmloyees and PhD students:

Tomasz Kalicki, Piotr Biesaga
Human impact reflected in the Nida River valley (Polish Uplands)
- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki, Krzysztof Żurek
Lusatian objects in the settlement network (NE Poland) in the perspective
of physico-geographical geosystems

- presentation

Paweł Przepióra,
Grzegorz Pabian, Tomasz Kalicki
Traces of historical copper mining and metallurgy as a potential
for geoarchaeological research in the vicinity of Miedzianka (Holy Cross Mts., Poland)

- presentation

Tomasz Kalicki Piotr Kusztal, Paweł Rutkiewicz
Transformation of sandy areas in industrial regions of southern Poland during
the last centuries

- presentation

Marcin Frączek, Adam Wawrusiewicz, Michał Przeździecki, Tomasz Kalicki,
Elżbieta Jakulska,
Iga Szwed, Krzysztof Żurek, Karolina Fularczyk,
Sławomir Chwałek,
Klaudia Belkiewicz, Rafał Fetner
Natural and anthropogenic factors Causing devastation of aeolian complexes
on the example of the Grądy-Woniecko archaeological site (NE Poland)

- poster

On the third day, conference participants took part in a trip to, among others, to the Anhropos Pavilion.


added 29.01.2023

3th place of Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki Prof. UJK as
academic teacher of the year (Świętokrzyskie region)

Tomasz Kalicki with a diploma

Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki Prof. UJK took 3th place in a plebiscite organized by
Echo Dnia
entitled Educational plebiscite 2022 in category Academic teacher.


Echo Dnia photo gallery and movie
Pictures from the ceremony

added 21.01.2023

Lecture w IV LO im. T. Chałubińskiego - Radom 2023

Tomasz Kalicki during lecture

Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki Prof. UJK gave a lecture on January 19 in IV LO
im. T. Chałubińskiego in Radom entilted Geoarcheologia. Co to jest?


added 21.01.2023