Geomorphological and Hydrological Laboratory

The Geomorphological and Hydrological Laboratory was established for the purpose of conducting scientific research and didactic classes implemented for the entire Institute of Geography and Enviornmental Sciences of UJK

Laboratory equipments Men doing geological drilling
Men with GPR Laboratory equipments


Prof. UJK Dr hab. Tomasz Kalicki

Laboratory employees

MSc Eng. Iwona Grochowalska

The scope of activities:

Field research
Analysis of physicochemical properties
Elemental analysis
Analysis of inorganic compounds
Sediments dating (TL / OSL methods)

Details on the possibility of commissioning individual analyzes are determined individually with Geomorphological and Hydrological Laboratory Head.

Laboratory rooms use terms:

Detailed information can be found in the following statements:

General Information
Accepting samples for analysis
Storage of the samples

Archiving and storage:

To archive sample storage, complete the following documents:

TL/OSL dating
14C dating
Other analyzes

The completed document should be handed over to the Head or other employee responsible for providing access to the laboratory premises for archiving of samples and their proper storage.